If I Had a Name

I’ve never heard a name;

I hear sounds

and watch people turn

their heads;

some have sorer necks

than others;

some mouths dance

for hours and others

need only

a breath.


If I had a name

it would dance for you

whisper for you

call you to look-

to touch-

but would never yield

you pleasure in

doing so.


My sound flows

off the tongue-

no dance, no challenge

no intrigue

It is a noise

that I did not choose


I did not choose the planets

aligned at my birth-

yet destiny is stuffed

down my throat.


The Universe is bigger

than telling you about

your day;

Sounds are better than

telling you who

you are.


But if I had a name

it would guide you

even if you closed

your eyes

and it would hold you

until you were warm

and dripping- wax.


When I look into

my sound, I do not see

my face. It is a

ghost that I would never

trust to hold me.


I did not place

my birthmarks on

my skin like I did

my tattoos. My sound is

the same. I have never

heard a name.


But if I had a name

it would echo from the mouth

to the wall

to the world

to Jupiter

and so much further.


If I had a name

it would sound like fire-

it would burn your ears

to hear it;

it would sting your tongue

to speak;

And it would be beautiful

from far away.


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