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          There are so many people in the world that struggle with appearance based issues. I would simply like to offer up the way that I have come to view “image” as an ulterior outlook.

          If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be this: My body is nothing and my body is everything.

          In all reality, my body is literally meaningless. I have done nothing to either earn or be punished with my appearance- therefore it is not a reflection of my morality- one cannot be judged to be “good” because they look that way or “bad” for the same reasons. My body is not of my own design. I didn’t select my eye color, my body type, my birth marks- so how can those things constitute who I am? That’s like handing someone a random book and using that book to judge what type of literature that person enjoys. That is why clothes and hairstyles and things of that nature are important- they are consciously chosen- so they can be an indication of anything from someone’s personality to their financial status; but the raw material is only inheritance. That is the only thing that your body can indicate- your history- where your family came from- and that is all.

          Why is it problematic to focus on appearance? Well, these stigmas about physical attraction exist with multiple purposes. Firstly as aesthetic enjoyment- the same way one would feel affection toward sunsets or flowers. This affection is simple; love is not simple. That is why, though few understand this, physical attraction is galaxies away from love. Another reason is that it is a reflection of how we see or want to see ourselves; our desirability being based off of how desirable the mate is who finds us desirable. There is nothing more selfish than this- using another human to affirm your own thoughts about yourself. This is selfish; love is not selfish- therefore, again, this deters us from finding a real kind of love.

          However, our bodies can be something remarkably beautiful if we accept them for what they truly are, which is simply a motive of transportation. There is a clear distinction between your body and who you are- or your soul. The body is what allows the soul to be part of the physical world. It allows you to feel the chill of the air or to wave at a person passing by- essentially it allows your soul to know other souls. That is what can make physical relationships so beautiful. Two human souls can never truly come in contact with one another except through the medium of the body. When I touch someone, I am not touching them, yet the body allows them or their soul to feel it. Without the body, we would never be able to connect with another soul in this way or in any way at all.

          So, to everyone who is constantly worrying about their appearance- about their weight or their height or their nose or whatever it may be- I just want to say: You are wasting your life. That may sound harsh, but think about how much time you waste nitpicking those things that you dislike about your appearance. If you don’t get over those things, you are going to spend the rest of your life fighting against yourself. This is not a “don’t worry, you are beautiful,” speech because the truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are beautiful. Your thighs don’t matter. Your eyes don’t matter. Your teeth, your abs, your feet- they are completely meaningless.

          Not to sound morbid, but your body is simply a car- one day you will stop and get our and the car will be left empty and abandoned. Knowing that, why waste your whole life pimping out your car and nitpicking all of its imperfections? It’s not ours to keep and if that’s all we ever worry about and act on; what did we live for?

          I realize that the world that I am advocating for will never exist- people will never forget about appearance completely. I’d only like to encourage you to stop looking in the mirror trying to see who you are because honestly you never will.